MyEasyShop.Pk – Return Policy

Here in MyEasyShop.Pk, we always try to bring the best of the best products all around the world to make our customer happy. To serve our customers, we offer exchange or return under set conditions. Simply follow the guidelines mentioned and we will try our best to complete return process as soon as possible. You will have 5 calendar days to file your return with valid reasoning after your product is delivered.

To help our customers #Team-MyEasyShop.Pk works around the clock. For return or exchange request you need to complete the simple process defined below. To ensure a positive shopping experience we understand that the return policy is important to customers. We always try our best to accommodate our customers with different offerings, but if we identify through our #Team-MyEasyShop.Pk the existence of an unreasonable pattern, we may restrict or even refuse a customer from making any future transactions.

We only agree to return products that have quality issues, wrongly dispatched items or if not matching the description provided. Please note that there are exceptions to our return policy for some products. You can review our policy for Non-Returnable Items and conditions for refusals. MyEasyShop.Pk Pk reserves the right, entirely at its sole discretion, to revise the list of non-refundable items and the return policy at any time. MyEasyShop.Pk also reserves the right to deny a particular return in the rare event a customer is taking advantage of our return policy. We have drafted a very customer-friendly return policy in order to cater our valuable customers; and for their protection we can a vigilant eye for miscreants.

Eligibility criteria on Product Return:

  • If not genuine or quality products.
  • In case of wrongly dispatched items.
  • If not match the description provided on website.
  • You have 5 calendar days after item delivery to notify us that you want to return your product.
  • If your item meets all the requirements, your return can be initiated.

Before returning, please read our Return Policy page to make sure your item is eligible for return.

Before Sending Please Review

  • Product is in original package
  • Product is Complete
  • Product is Unused
  • With original label attached


  • If customers want to return purchased items from MyEasyShop.Pk, we would require the customer to keep the Product Receipt, which is issued by MyEasyShop.Pk; and the package receipt, which will be issued Shipment Company.
  • Pictures of product intended for return must be submitted to Customer Services.
  • Filled Product Return Form (PRF) will be demanded.
  • Items will be eligible for return within 7 days after the product has been received by the customer.
  • Items must be returned undamaged, unused, unwashed and unworn.
  • Items must be returned in their original packaging. Packaging may include product tags, hangers, plastic wraps
  • Boxes, containers, dust bags, gifts, tokens, vouchers, etc.
  • If the purchased items have number-series it has to match with the item purchased.
  • If the purchased product comes with a gift, the gift item also needs to be returned.

Non-Returnable Items

  • Swimwear
  • Beauty products
  • Items without original receipt slips or tags; as well as items that have been damaged will also be considered non-returnable items.
  • Customers must contact Customer Services for return and only when the case is approved the product will be eligible for return or exchange. If the product is sent without notice, it will not accepted. You will be required to fill out the Product Return Form (PRF) and send photos to our Customer Service get approval.

Return Process

  1. Check if your product meets all requirements.
  2. Call Customer Service to claim the return and ask to guidance on return.
    • Customer services may need you to cite sound reason for return & request ID.
    • You will be required to fill out the Product Return Form (PRF)
    • Customer Services will request you to send a picture to verify the request.
  3.  Pack Item & Dispatch
    • Make sure the state of the package is returned to its original condition, meaning it should include product tags, hangers, plastic wraps, boxes, containers, dust bags, gifts, tokens, vouchers, etc.
    • Please add a note to the package with your information. For instance contact number, registration number, email and order ID (you can find it on My order).
    • Send parcel via any courier you like. Please note you have to pay to return parcel courier charges.
  4. You will get a confirmation call when your package is received & product is accepted for return
    • Customer services will contact you and send a courier pick up the
    • package.The delivery cost will be free for you
  5.  If verified, you will be refunded.

You have 5 calendar days after item delivery to notify us that you want to return your product.

Team-MyEasyShop.PkPk Contact

  • Call/Whatsapp: 0311 1622000
  • Email: info@MyEasyShop.Pk