Diy Colour Clay Ice Cream Party – Multicolor


Diy Colour Clay Ice Cream Party – Multicolor
Diy colour clay is safe and non-toxic with which kids can play for long hours and have fun indoors and out. It is composed of mud which is made up of flour, purified water and edible pigment. It does not harm the kids in any way, even if a baby puts it into his/her mouth, it is not a problem. If the mud becomes hard after sometime, you can use a wet towel to cover it during the night or add a few drops of water to it to restore its vitality. Every time after playing, you can put the mud back into the plastic cup, lid it tightly, and put the cup in a cool location. It is made up of high quality materials which are durable and have no peculiar smell. It has bright colors which would attract the kids and encourage them to make beautiful products out of the clay.

Safe and non-toxic,have fun indoors and out.
Great party favors for children
Hours of fun for kids of all ages.

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